Background Theme Maker for Fantasy Grounds

Did you ever want to replace the background image in Fantasy Grounds? The Background Theme Maker allows you to create a background theme with only a few mouse-clicks. Simple and quick to use. No XML editing or coding. Run the program, select your background image, answer a few simple questions, and the Background Theme Maker will create a .EXT file for your theme.

Your background theme is compatible with all rulesets. When using your created theme with other themes, only the background image will be replaced, no other theme changes are done.

Here’s the instructions

Step 1: Select the background image you wish to use (recommended size is 1920×1080, images are not resized )
Step 2: Select the location and enter the filename of your extension. ie: MyBackground.ext
Step 3: Enter the name of your background theme that will be displayed when loading extensions. ie: My Dragon Theme
Step 4: Enter the theme authors name
Step 5: Enter a brief description of your theme
Step 6. Click Generate Background Theme

Install your .ext file into your Fantasy Grounds extension folder and your background theme is ready to use.

This software is for Windows, Mac, and Linux running Wine.

Change Log

v1.0.0.15 – Bugfix for Fantasy Grounds Unity, Added Automatic Updates

v1.0.0.12 – Initial Release