GMW Campaign Toolkit

Theme Resources

Here’s some sample images to get you started on customizing your own Fantasy Grounds theme.  Each image category contains a wide range of colors for your use.  All images included in our resource section, unless otherwise noted, have been published under the Link to the CC0-Public Domain License.  You are free to use and modify these images in any way you wish, including commercial use.

Chatbox Rounded

Rounded borders

Chatbox Square

Square borders

Hotbar Images

Square borders


Solid color backgrounds

Buttons Rounded

Buttons - Rounded borders

Buttons Square

Buttons - Square borders

Compact Rounded

Buttons - Rounded borders

Compact Square

Buttons - Square borders

Curtain Images

Curtains - Solid Colors

Groupbox Images

Groupboxes - Solid Colors

Refblock1 Images

Refblock1 - Solid Colors

Refblock2 Images

Refblock2- Solid Colors

Refblock3 Images

Refblock - Solid Colors

To the extent possible under law, GM Wintermute has waived all copyright and related or neighboring rights to Sample Images for GMW Campaign Toolkit. This work is published from: United States.