Krita – Open source KDE application for all three major OS’. It’s technically designed more towards providing artists an app for creation rather than pure image editing but it supports the major editing features, and has native support for CMYK which GIMP still lacks.

Adobe Photoshop

Adobe Photoshop – ($$$) – Adobe Photoshop is so widely used that the program’s name has become synonymous with image editing. Photoshop’s feature set is massive and growing. Photoshop does it all: image editing, video editing, 3d modeling, and more. Two major drawbacks to Adobe are the learning curve and the cost. Like all software, […]

GIMP – GNU Image Manipulation Project

GIMP – (FREE) – GIMP is a cross-platform open-source image editor available for GNU/Linux, OS X, Windows and more operating systems. GIMP is an serious alternative to Photoshop in terms of both power and feature sets. Like Photoshop, there is a learning curve. I haven’t used it a whole bunch, so if you have questions […]

Canva Online Photo Editor

Canva Photo Editor (FREE) – The Canva Photo Editor is hands-down the easiest online photo editor to use. If you can drag and drop an image into your web browser, you can use this editor. There are only six operations that you can make: filter, adjust, crop, resize, rotate and flip. Canva Photo Editor is […]

Photopea – Online Image Editor

I know I’m going to catch some heat for this next statement.  GIMP is not Photoshop, and sometimes you need edit a psd file in Photoshop.  However, Photoshop isn’t free.  Photopea is an online image editor that looks, feels, and works like Adobe Photoshop.  Check it out at

Pixlr X- Online Photo Editor

Pixlr X – (FREE) – Pixlr X is another online photo editor that supports basic image editing, as well as the ability to add text and other elements to your image. They have made it simple to add overlays, borders, shapes, stickers, and stock images to your creation. Image layers are also supported. More advanced […]