Download 5e Commercial Demo Project Collection

Collection files let you share your theme’s project file with someone.  After converting a collection file to a project file, you are able to work on that theme without having to worry about missing images or files.  

Download the Commercial Demo collection for the GMW Campaign Toolkit and see how a theme is built using the toolkit.

Note: Some features included in this demo collection may require an active Advanced Editor or Commercial License in order to view/change.

Convert a collection file into a theme project file

How to use a collection file.

  1. Download the collection file by clicking the button above.
  2.  Unzip downloaded file into a folder.
  3. Open GMW Campaign Toolkit and Select Project – Create / Convert Collections.
  4. Click the Convert Collection to Project Tab.
  5. Click the first field to select the .gmwcollection file and the other two fields will automatically fill out.
  6. Click on the Import Collection File and a new .gmwproject file will be created placed in the current folder.
  7. Open .gmwproject file with the Theme Builder and you are able to make changes.